Shazia Akbar
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Currently I am a postdoctoral fellow at Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto, and my research interests lie in machine learning, pattern recognition and medical image analysis. In my current post, I am investigating applications of deep learning techniques in digital pathology to predict breast cancer recurrence from underlying biological properties in tissue. By working closely with pathologists, computer scientists and radiologists we hope to uncover a more targeted form of treatment for breast cancer patients.

In 2015, I completed my PhD at the University of Dundee, UK, during which I developed innovative computer vision algorithms to automatically localise tumour in images of breast cancer tissue. This work was performed in collaboration with Ninewells Hospital and resulted in 3 peer-reviewed journal articles and multiple conference papers. During my PhD, I also gained valuable teaching experience; organized workshops, reading groups and symposiums; and mentored an undergraduate honours project. In 2011, I graduated from the University of Dundee with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Computing, ranking top in my graduate class.

Throughout my career I have also demonstrated a keen interest in industry research. At NCR Corp., UK, I was employed as a research intern during the summer of 2010, after which I continued part-time employment during my studies. In 2014, I completed a 3-month internship as a research scientist in Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems, UK, in which I gained valuable medical image analysis experience in an industrial setting.