Shazia Akbar
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Below you can find an overview of some of my undergraduate material and PhD. For more details, please contact me directly.

TMA Analysis

During my PhD, I investigated computer vision technique to localise tumour in images of breast tissue microarrays (TMAs), with the aim of providing a tool for pathologists which enable them to perform immunohistochemical (IHC) assessments with ease. Pattern recognition and machine learning techniques were explored to model complex tissue structures with a focus on capturing contextual information to improve classification performance. See publications for more details.

3D Graphics

3D graphics is an optional module I selected during my undergraduate studies in which I implemented 3D models using OpenGL and C/C++. Through assessment materials I demonstrated techniques such as L-trees, fractals, reflection and animation. In addition to coursework material, I developed a 3D game which included user interactions and particle modeling.

Database Systems

Database management, creation and querying was a large part of my undergraduate studies; specifically I worked with MySQL, SQL and Oracle databases. I designed mock databases for an online banking system, enabled customer security and user access and learned how to manage large scale images and complex data structures.


SnapSearch is an Android application which was designed for museum visitors so that searching for an artefact can be as simple as taking a snapshot of the object using a smartphone camera. The application uses object recognition techniques in order to extract SIFT features from a captured image and compare them against a controlled database of artefacts.

Web Development

Throughout my studies and in my own free time I have created various websites. For example I have been involved in the FABRIC project at the University of Dundee which involved the creation of a site to showcase an object recognition browser for multiple images.

Arkive (shown above) was a hackday Yahoo project created during my third year at university. We creating an online search engine for text, images and video in teams of three, winning first prize.

Computer Vision

Computer vision has been a large part of my career. In my undergraduate studies I learned the basics of feature extraction, tracking, video analysis and so much more. From there, I continued to develop my knowledge in this field by attending the BMVA summer school program and developing my own algorithms during my PhD and internship positions. In 2014, I tutored undergraduate students in the computer vision module and helped assess the quality of work in the final assessment.